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One of the most popular beach destination in the world, Maldives is a wonderful tropical island that has white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water and colorful coral reefs.

12 Interesting Facts about Maldives : 

  1. It is world’s Smallest Muslim Country.
  2. Tourists are granted a 30-day visit Visa on Arrival.
  3. Alcohol is available in Resorts and Hotels only (Otherwise Alcohol is prohibited everywhere).
  4. They accepts US Dollars (USD) as well as Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR).
  5. It is also known as Country of Cowry Shells.
  6. World’s First Underwater Cabinet Meeting was held in Maldives.
  7. Friday and Saturday mean Weekend unlike any other nation.
  8. It is the Lowest and Flattest Nation in the world.
  9. Literacy in Maldivian Adults is 98 Percent.
  10. This island was formed by an Exiled Indian Prince.
  11. This Island Comprises of more than 1192 Coral Islands in its 26 Prime Atolls.
  12. One of the Safest Holiday Destinations in the world.

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  1. Very interesting facts as well as very helpful information about Maldives. I will consider this list before visiting to Maldives ?

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