Rules for joining “Hyderabad Travel Bloggers” Group

-Use the #theglobetrotterlady #hyderabadtravelbloggers (hashtag) when sharing blog posts.

-This is a community to chat, ask questions, share ideas and content to the wall related to Travel only.
-Chat about your travel plans or ask for recommendations.
-If someone has asked for information on a certain place or topic you may post your link to a relevant post under their question.
-Must add appropriate caption or few words about your post before sharing.
-No adverts or selling.
-No Follow for Follow posts and No Like for Like posts.
-No self promo.
-No abuse / swearing or bullying (Members will be removed if this happens)
-Anyone not following the rules and is found to be spamming the group will be immediately removed.
-No other group promotions in this group.
-If you are NOT sure about posting something please contact admin to ask first.
-Do not start contacting members by DM to follow you or sending adverts to them or anything similar if this gets reported to us you will be removed from the group.
-No affiliate links or Income type posts.
-No group tours or travel agent packages to be shared.


No facebook links to be shared or like for like etc.
Unless you are adding a link to share info in response to a question or to discuss a certain topic. Use the Hashtag #theglobetrotterlady #hyderabadtravelbloggers.

Instagram or Photos
You may share your travel pics (ensure they are travel related). Use the Hashtag #theglobetrotterlady #hyderabadtravelbloggers.

You may post UNLIMITED videos per week. Don’t just post the video (write why you are posting it / where it was filmed or something similar or ask for feedback or questions etc). Use the Hashtag #theglobetrotterlady #hyderabadtravelbloggers.

Blog Posts
You may post unlimited posts per day – please don’t posts the same post more than once. Use the Hashtag #theglobetrotterlady #hyderabadtravelbloggers.

Also please TRY & make one comment on one of the posts.





Have a Safe Journey..!!